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    April Flyer - Nu-Calgon

    As a member of Key Wholesaler Group, during the month of April, we are proud to be working with Nu-Calgon!  STOCK UP and prepare for SPRING with these products from Nu-Calgon! 

    Blackhawk Foaming Coil Cleaner (4127-75)

    - Safe for cleaning HVAC/R equipment in food processing areas
    - Sprays from any angle
    - Metal/plastic safe, nonflammable

    Cal-Blue Plus Gas Leak Detector 
    6 oz. (4182-53)
    1 qt. (4182-24)
    1 gal. (4182-08)

    - Long lasting bubbles
    - Freeze protected to 5 degrees
    - Non-corrosive

    Alka-Brite® Plus (4120-08)

    - Maximum foaming condenser cleaner and brightener

    Nu-Brite® (4291-08)

    - High foaming condenser coil cleaner
    - Great on grease and grime
    - USDA

    Cal-Brite® (5133-08)

    - Acidic coil cleaner and brightener for evaporators and condensers

    Foam-Brite® (4178-08)

    - Ultimate foaming cleaner and brightener

    In case you missed last month's flyer, stop in and ask your sales rep about the Innovative New Tools by YELLOW JACKET listed below!  CLICK HERE to download the March flyer. 

    95730 YJ-LTE™
    The smallest, lightest, most power unit in its class. 

    - Superior condenser design - keep unit cooler, longer
    - Easy to use - single valve control
    - Single gauge shows tank pressure
    - Built in purge circuit and built in circuit breaker
    - Lightweight at 24 pounds

    19047 Gasket Remover Tool w/ Replacement Gaskets
    Easily remove worn out gaskets from hoses with this handy tool!

    - A sharp and long pick to pull the gasket from deep inside the hose
    - Additional feature on the back of the tool is used to place the depressor inside the hose
    - Extra gaskets stored inside the tool for convenience

    69048 eVac II Programmable Digital Vacuum Gauge
    Accurately measure vacuum pressure with resolution down to 0.1. micron!

    Excellent combination of:
    - Speed
    - Accuracy
    - Oil Contamination Resistance
    - Self Calibration
    - Programmable Target Pressure and Vacuum Timer

    - 0 to 25,000 micron range with 0.1 micron resolution less than 10,000 microns
    - Measures vacuum in microns, pascals, millibar, millitorr and mmHg
    - "Analog" vacuum level bar graph
    - Automatic warning when oil enters the sensor

    Did you know Duncan Supply is participating in the Honeywell Contractor PRO™ Program?  Earn points for your Honey well purchases and earn FREE Honeywell product certificates!  Ask your rep for more details! 

    Don't forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming educational opportunities we have this month such as Fujitsu F.A.S.T. Training, Turbotorch Training, Counter Days and Customer Appreciation Days.  For a complete list of our upcoming events, please visit our Events & Training page.