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  • Annual Fall and Spring Technical Training
    • Fall starts in September / October
    • Spring starts in January / February
  • 10-week courses, 2 nights per week, 6:00-9:30 PM
  • Training level is based on experience and credentials
  • Classroom and hands-on training
  • EPA 608 training and testing for new hires
  • NATE Exams (if EPA Certified)
  • Cost $2,000.00 (scholarships available for Area 31 Level 1)


LEVEL 1 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

  • AREA 31 Indianapolis (9/3/2019 – 12/10/2019)  *For more information & to register, following this link:
  • Duncan Supply Fort Wayne (9/30/2019 – 12/11/2019)
  • Duncan Supply Kokomo (9/30/2019 – 12/11/2019)

Level 1 Description:  The areas of study included in the Fall Level 1 trainings are basic principles of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, electrical theory, electrical measurements, various controls, electrical symbols, wiring diagrams, HVAC/R terminology, combustion process, heating fuels, HVAC/R equipment sequence of operation, safety devices, HVAC/R tools and test equipment usage, low and line voltage circuits, safe work practices, basic thermodynamic principles, piping types, brazing copper pipe, basic refrigeration cycle, refrigerant recovery, system evacuation, and EPA 608 exam preparation and testing.


LEVEL 2 – Heating, Hydronics, and Installations

  • Duncan Supply Indianapolis (10/1/2019 – 12/12/2019)
  • Duncan Supply Fort Wayne (10/1/2019 – 12/12/2019)
  • Duncan Supply Kokomo (10/1/2019 – 12/12/2019)

Level 2 Description:  The areas of study included in the Fall Level 2 trainings are fossil fuels, electric, heat pump and hydronic heating systems, installation hardware, equipment accessories, wire terminations, wiring diagrams, commercial hydronic systems, control systems, combustion venting systems, basic maintenance, troubleshooting techniques for fossil fuel equipment, heat pumps, oil burners, accessories, motors, and control systems. Focuses on customer relations throughout the course.


For more information or a copy of the course syllabus, contact:

Chuck Vogwill – (260) 341-8873

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