Replacing a Copeland Compressor?? Always Replace the Contactor Too!

Replacing a Copeland Compressor?? When changing a Copeland compressor always replace the contactor with a genuine replacement Copeland contactor too.

Did you know Copeland does not consider 4, 6, or 8-cylinder compressors that have failed as a result of single-phase motor winding burns to be warranty failures?  These failures are triggered by electrical devices external to the compressors and are, in most cases, prevented by installing a new contactor with the compressor.  Sometimes contactors malfunction and lead to compressor failure.  Copeland does not warranty compressors that have failed due to contactor malfunction, but Copeland is willing to issue a sales concession to pay for the single-phase Copeland compressor that is caused by a Copeland contactor.


To keep your customers’ best interests in mind, here is what you should do…


  1. Include the appropriate Copeland contactor on your purchase orders and sales invoice for all 4, 6, and 8 cylinder compressors.
  1. If this compressor fails and is returned within one year of service, return the contactor with it and attached it to it.

3. Warranty the contactor.

  1. If it is determined the compressor is indeed single-phased, there will be an inspection report issued with the compressor handled out of warranty.
  1. Contact your Copeland sales rep for sales concession consideration.  He will need a copy of the distributor invoice showing the purchase of the compressor and Copeland contactor along with a copy of the service ticket showing the installation of the compressor and contactor. The guys in the factory will inspect the contactor and then make the final determination.


Boiled down to the most basic terms, Copeland is standing behind their contactors in the event they malfunction and cause a single-phase compressor failure.  You are NOT required to use Copeland contactors.  You can choose to use any contactor you wish.  Just be advised that you will not get credit for the compressor if it was not a Copeland contactor.


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